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Typically when a business owner decides to set up a 401K plan for their employees, they generally think of investments and call their financial advisor. A lot of those same financial advisors then call a third party administrator (TPA) like Advanced Plan Designs to help design and administer those corporate retirement plans. “We determine what kind of plan they need,” says managing member Susan Marler. 

While the right plan design can save thousands of dollars, the wrong design can cost even more.

“What people don’t know is that they can come to us first,” says Marler. “We’re experts at this because it’s all we do. Between our professional staff we have over 70 years combined experience.”  

Marler also takes pride in creating a happy and healthy work environment that fosters teamwork. After she suffered an aneurysm several years ago, her priorities shifted. She says, “I knew the kind of company I wanted to have. I wanted to create a company where people wanted to come to work every day. So I built that.”

“We’re celebrating our twentieth anniversary this year and I’ve never had one person quit in that 20 years,” says Marler. “I’m really proud of that.” 

Due to the volume of business they did in 2017, Advanced Plan Designs was also named in the top 100 TPAs by a major retirement plan provider. This qualified them to attend the Elite Leaders Conference in 2018. “Being up against firms in big cities and making it into the top 100 is huge when you’re one little firm in Springfield, Missouri and they work with a thousand other firms. We’ve experienced growth like I can’t believe.” 


In addition to no employee turnover, the firm also has a high rate of client retention. “I believe that’s because of my staff,” she says. “Happy employees equal happy clients.”

Advanced Plan Designs, LLC

3859 S. Cox Ave

Springfield, MO 65807



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